Piexo Programmable Air Freshener Dispenser Wall Mount

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It’s a new type of nanotechnology air freshener dispensing system that works with unique Air Fresh and Air Clean refills. This programmable unit features: LCD w/Real time clock, 5 or 7 day On/Off selection, 1-60minute spray interval setting, customized Start & Stop time, Spray counter, Empty can reminder (6,000 sprays), Low battery monitor and operation indicator. With push button design for easy programming. Operates on four AA-cell Alkaline batteries. One unit recommended for a room area of 6000 cubic feet. Batteries not included.

Piexo Air Freshener Dispenser Package – Simple Model

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greener alternative to traditional aerolol and gel air fresheners. It’s a new type of nanotechnology air freshener dispensing system that works with unique Air Fresh and Air Clean refills that uses no propellant gas and no metal cans.

AIR CLEAN designed for hospitals, hotel guest rooms, and airports.

AIR FRESH serving restrooms, lobbies, and HVAC systems.


A piezo disk generates a voltage when deformed by force. Piezoelectricity dates back to its 18th Century discovery by Pierre Curie. Since, it’s found use in a number of applications –most notably in the development of Sonar technology during World War I.


  • Made and Filled in USA
  • Proprietary Formulation Air Fresh/Air Clean
  • No Metal Can
  • Lower, No Added VOC
  • No Propellant Gas
  • Lowers Operating Cost
  • Reduces Landfill Waste
  • Improves Indoor Air Quality
  • 6,000 Sprays

Power Supply: DC 6.0V (4 piece of “AA” size alkaline battery) Battery Life: Approximately 12,000 sprays (2 sec. spray w/ 15 min interval @ 24hrs)

Counter Setting: Indicator: 3000, 6000, 9000 counter option dip switch

Piezo Unit: Low Battery Warning: No Blinking Light / Unit Stop Activity: Green Light Blinking Bottle replacement: Red Light Blinking Power ON: The light will blink green/red 3 times

Current Consumption: Ceramic plate dimension: L6 x W10 x T1 mm Shape: Squared Mesh Size: >5um Particle Size: 3~10um Stand-By: < 40uA Spraying Active: Approximately 400mA

Miscellaneous: Key Lock For Secure or Easy Open/Close

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