Trio Black/Silver Shower Wall Dispenser(Body Wash, Hair Shampoo, Conditioner)

$22.99 $17.99

EZ-Shower Trio dispensers are ideal for Hotels, Fitness Centers, and Home usage in shower stalls. The 350 ml cartridge comes in pre-filled for easy loadout and maintenance. Dispenser made from durable ABS plastic with an elegant finish, which will retain its fresh clean look for extra-long periods. EZ-Shower also available in single or duo units.

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• The “Quartz” design
• Windows for soap level indication
• Key – double hole lock tabs
• Permanent install with EZ-Tape for effortless installation
• Specially designed thumb pressing action for easy dispensing
• 350ml = 300 measures will last 1.5 months depends on usage
• Private silkscreen labeling available

Additional information

Weight 1.65 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 9 × 3.5 in


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