Fagor FWS Models- Hard Mount- 135lb Washer 150G


  • 150 G-Force, Normal Spin.
  • Available in 135 LBS drum sizes.
  • Fully Programmable Operating System
  • New second-generation TOUCH PLUS programmer with 7” touch screen in color. 37 available languages, create indefinite number of programs, & play videos.
  • Automatic water mixer for energy saving and reduces washing times.
  • Balance control for smoother operation, longer lifetime, reduced wash time.
  • Multichoice inlet- 3 standard inlets.
  • Wet Cleaning system for maximum reduction.
  • Maintenance Kare- top quality, easy to access parts.
  • Optimised Drum. Optimal Consumption- adapts the quantity of water and chemicals.
  • “Loading Aid” System.
  • Converts to a self-service machine by installing kit.
  • Exterior available in several colors.
  • FWS_135_Spec Sheet v_02

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· G Force = 135. · Hard-mounted machines. Require anchoring to the fl oor. · Drum and jacket in AISI-304 stainless steel. · Unit exterior manufactured in sandwich board, colour grey, stainless steel appearance, easy to clean, and which does not refl ect fi ngerprints. · Detergent tray with 4 compartments. · 8 signals for automatic liquid dosing, programmable in time and delay. 6 extra signals available optionally. · 3 standard water inlets. · Variable-frequency drive (standard 50-60 Hz). Balancing systems controlled by the same drive. · New second-generation TOUCH PLUS programmer with 7” touch screen in colour, 37 available languages and which lets you create an indefi nite number of programs (29 pre-set), as well as play videos. · Allows programming, importing and exporting of programs and software updates via USB. · Traceability as standard: the whole wash process (temperatures, water levels) is stored on the washer and is extractable to a PC by USB memory. · The programmer includes the characteristics to create any Wet Cleaning program (modifi able water levels and washing speed). · EFFICIENT MIX. These machines are equipped with an automatic water mixer (mixing different water temperatures) which provides energy savings and reduces washing times. · BALANCE CONTROL. Thanks to an advanced technological development, and by means of the inverter, the washers detect the imbalance at an early stage. This way the operation is much smoother, elongating components lifetime and reducing washing times, thus saving energy as well. · MULTICHOICE INLET. All washers are equipped with a third water inlet as standard, which allows you to save fi lling time, or which can be used for decalcifi ed water, ozone or recycled water. · WET CLEANING. All washers incorporate the necessary features to use the WET CLEANING system as standard, avoiding investment in expensive applications to work with this advanced washing concept. This feature replaces most dry-cleaning washing systems, bringing maximum reduction in costs. · MAINTENANCE KARE. A simple and reliable design with easy-to-access mechanical parts that combines perfectly with the use of intelligent electronics. All components have been designed and manufactured with top quality and prestige, focusing on optimum accessibility for all points and components key to maintenance. Moreover, all the controls have been developed down to the fi nest detail: complete technical menus, fault self-diagnosis systems, alarms, restricted access areas, etc. · OPTIMISED DRUM. This system has been developed to improve wash quality to the maximum and to do it in as short a time as possible. Through a series of perforations in the paddles of the drum, a water cascade effect is achieved which considerably increases the mechanical action inside the drum during operation and greatly reduces the amount of water needed for each wash. The effective design of the drum and tank with minimal spaces between them, allows the energy consumption necessary to heat the water, as well as the superfl uous use of chemical products, to be reduced. · OPTIMAL CONSUMPTION. All washers are equipped with an effi cient system by means of which you can indicate the load which is introduced in the machine. The washer automatically adapts the quantity of water and chemicals to be used for that load. · “LOADING AID” system. Water inlet and spin control for loading the linen. · The standard model can be converted to self-service by installing a pay station kit, coin mechanism kit or other payment system.RS-485 communication. · Washers compatible with water recovery tanks. · CE, WRAS and EAC product certifi cations. Optional ETL-certifi ed version of the machine. FWS-60-80 TP2 HW NORMAL SPIN — CHARACTERISTICS — OPTIONS: · Anchoring base as an option for correct fi xation to the fl oor. · Unit exterior in AISI-304 stainless steel. · Front panels in AISI-304 stainless steel. · Double drain kit to recover the water, with important savings. · NC Option: drain normally closed. · Reversible door opening. · 6 extra signals for dosing · Timed opening system. · Printer. · Shower system: water recirculation for very delicate linen (wet cleaning complement). · Marine electric versions for ships. · Tropicalised models with protective covering for the electronics system. · SLUICE option. Essential for wash processes of sheets and other fabrics with solid contamination. Ø 8 mm perforations in the drum which facilitate the outlet of solid waste.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 46 × 60 in


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