Wash IQ Break

“Concentrated alkali builder boosts detergent performance. Conditions while providing heavy soil removal in hot or cold water for maximum results. Will break down oils and grease instantly while enhancing the detergent performance, resulting in cleaner garments. Formulated for use in commercial laundry systems.”

*Clear Concentrate


Pack Sizes: 4/1 G, 5 G, 15 G


Wash IQ Suds

“High Efficiency laundry concentrate detergent. Concentrated for institutional and commercial laundry requirements. Excellent performance on light to medium soil loads. Formulated with a balanced blend of surfactants, soil suspending agents, and brighteners to aggressively release trapped soils and stains while gently producing clean and refreshing results. Safe for use in all types of high efficiency and regular machines and on all washable fabrics."

*Blue Concentrate, Downey Type Fragrance


Pack Sizes: 4/1 G, 5 G, 15 G, 30 G, 55 G


Wash IQ Destainer

“Laundry concentrate, removes tough stains. Brightens, whitens and destains discolored white fabrics quickly and easily. Designed to be used in institutional andcommercial laundry and by professional housekeepers. Provides outstanding stain removal while being gentle on fabrics.”

*Clear/Yellow Concentrate


Pack Sizes: 4/1 G, 5 G, 15 G, 30G, 55 G


Wash IQ Soft & Sour

“Neutralizes alkalinity. Concentrated and for use in all types of laundry applications, improves softness and fluff to all washables while reducing harshness and hardness from detergents high in alkalinity. Regular usage helps in ironing, drying, and reduces static cling in cottons, woolens, synthetics, and all other washable fabrics. Soft & Sour promotes easier ironing, softer clothes, wrinkle free perma- press, and helps keep fabrics looking new and lasting longer. No
residual build-up and non-yellowing formula.”

*Opaque Pink Concentrate


Pack Sizes: 5 G, 15 G, 30 G, 55 G

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