Gentle Cabinet Dryer from B&C Technologies

TS Series Commercial Drying Cabinet

B&C drying cabinets offer efficient hang drying for sensitive garments that should not be tumble dried, drying without mechanical action at exactly the right temperature and humidity. Featuring low energy consumption and short drying cycles comparable to standard tumble dryers, the TS cabinets have large internal hanging space with racks that swing out for easy loading and unloading. A built-in sanitization program greatly reduces allergens and bacterial contaminants while manual and automatic programs allow for total flexibility during the drying process. Ease of use features include interior lighting, doors that open 190 degrees, adjustable feet, and a large easy to read control display.

Features at a glance

20 and 32 pound capacities

TS-63 features swing out hanging rails with 50 feet of hanging length

TS-93 features swing out hanging rails with 90 feet of hanging length

Optional single hanging bar

High temperature programs, up to 195F, greatly reduce bacterial contaminants and allergens

Electric heating

Microprocessor control with manual and automatic modes

TS Series Control

TS-63 interior view

TS-93 interior view

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