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Liquid Laundry Prespotter

“Laundry stain remover that is specially formulated to remove stubborn blood, protein, food and grass stains from all washable and colorfast fabrics. Works in all water temperatures and is safe to use.” Only use pour spout. DO NOT USE SPRAY TRIGGER gives off noxious odor.

*Clear Concentrate


Pack Sizes: 12/1 QT



Enzyme odor eliminator and spotter. Formulated with extremely effective and long lasting bioengineered bacterial cultures with free enzymes. Directly attacks, digests and eliminates malodor molecules rapidly. Simultaneously emulsifies and solubilizes a multitude of organic soils and spots on any surface not harmed by water such as cooking grease and oils, urine, pet stains, vomit, blood, fecal matter and many other organic soils. An excellent natural and biodegradable odor counteractant for soft surfaces such as carpets, drapes, upholstery and clothes. Also works well on hard surfaces in kitchens, restrooms, pet areas and other offensive odor sites. Non-staining and water soluble.

Clear Concentrate, Febreze Type Fragrance


Pack Sizes: 12/1 QT

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