Yamamoto Towel Folder


Yamamoto FUT10F3W Towel folder ensures high quality and accurate folding

Deploys new insertion method in the market
Our system deploys an exclusive insertion system that handles each towel carefully and gently. Towels can horizontally be inserted and belt speed can slow down, which prevents inconsistency of folding.

Touch panel is easy to operate

Touch method operation panel screen is easy to read and operate. It is also easy to change between various folding methods on the panel.

High-quality and accurate folding

For French Fold and Half Fold styles, our exclusive Folding plate ensures even and accurate Foldings.


79.9″ Wide X 47.4″ Deep X 69.2″ High



Yamamoto FUT11BM3 Multi Towel Folder

Exclusive Insertion System

Exclusively designed insertion system allows the conveyor belt to start moving after a towel placed on the belt. When the operator stops the folder stops. Easy operation and gentle on the towels.

Let your Folder sort it out

This folder will sort up to 3 sizes; you don’t have to pre-sort before folding. Saving time.

Maximum number of bath towels for folding: 550 towels / hour.

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