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FC-20 Fire Gear Dryer Cabinet


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Standard Features

Optional Features

  • Racks for Gloves
  • Racks for Boots
  • Racks for Garments
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In addition to keeping the gear clean, it should also be dried properly. While dirty gear can pose a serious health risk to firefighters, wet gear poses a safety risk. If there’s moisture trapped in gear during a fire it can turn to steam and cause burns. In addition to the risk of burns, storing wet gear can cause mildew and bacteria growth which can not only be unhealthy, but can also weaken the gear. The FC-20 gear drying cabinet from B&C Technologies completely and quickly dries bunker gear. When you head out to the next call you can rest assured knowing your gear is safe and dry.

The FC-20 control provides three manual programs and three automatic programs, each with our unique Humidity Tracking System (HTS) which continuously measures the levels of humidity during the drying process to determine exactly when the goods are dry. All turnout gear programs meet NFPA standards and will not cause damage. Programs can also be set for other garments and station wear.


Additional information

Weight 506 lbs
Dimensions 30.5 × 74.5 × 42 in


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