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SB-80 80lb Soft Mount Barrier Washer 350G Microprocessor Controlled


Will ship out from Factory unit is custom built call for time frames and build schedule. 1-844-4WASHIQ

Standard Features:

  • Heavy duty construction
  • All wetted parts are 304 (18/8) stainless steel
  • 5 compartment supply dispenser
  • 30 cycle microprocessor
  • Up to 350G extraction
  • Variable speed inverter drive
  • Stainless steel panels Specifications
  • SB-80 General Spec

Optional Features:

  • Water reuse inlet and drain
  • Direct steam heating
  • EMI filter
  • PC programming kit
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The SB Series – Softmount Barrier Washer-Extractors for Small, Medium, and Large Sized On Premise Laundry Applications Where Hygiene is a Major Concern, Including Health Care and Clean Room Operations.

Outstanding Reliability and Efficiency at an Affordable Price

The SB Series is Designed to be Effortless and Powerful While Maintaining Low Cost of Ownership:

  • Investment cost returned through increased efficiency
  • Fewer parts means less downtime
  • Up to 350G extraction equals less time in the dryer, yielding tremendous savings
  • Extremely easy installation, no special foundation requirements
  • Can be installed on upper floors and other difficult locations
  • Low maintenance, long lasting, labor saving

Large Door Opening and Safe Door Interlock

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Silicon door gasket
  • Locking system engineered for reliability and ease of use
  • Only one door may be opened at a time, preventing cross contamination.

The FM7 Advanced Microprocessor Control

  • Easy to use t 30 wash programs
  • Trouble-free t 8 chemical signals plus chemical hold
  • Programmable water levels, speeds and more
  • Incredibly flexible – handles demanding operations

Design Features

  • Designed to be built into the wall separating the clean and soiled sides of the laundry
  • SB-60 and SB-80 are open pocket
  • SB-155, SB-225, and SB-300 are 3 pocket
  • SB-485 is 6 pocket (3+3).
  • Heavy duty bearings and housings for longevity

Robust Energy Efficient Inverter Drive System

  • Incredibly flexible operation
  • Excellent protection for the motor
  • Latest technology for precise speed control
  • Single motor drive without clutches and complication
  • Up to 350G high speed extract

Freestanding Construction

  • Withstands the rigorous demands of continuous operation
  • Tuned suspension system with heavy duty springs and industrial shock absorbers (SB-60, SB-80)
  • Air cushion suspension system standard on SB-155 through the SB-485
  • Easy installation with no special foundation requirements

Supply Dispenser

  • 5 compartments accept liquid or powder
  • Programmable automatic flushing
  • Side mounted
  • Convenient height for easy access
  • 8 chemical signals standard

Additional information

Weight 3476 lbs
Dimensions 58.7 × 50.4 × 66.2 in


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