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TS-93 Drying Cabinets 32lb drying Capacity 208-240/60/3


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Fast drying

Drying cabinet TS 93 E dries the garments in only 65 minutes. If a priority is fast drying, this is the perfect drying cabinet for you.


  • Interior; choose to upgrade to a Single Bar as the Swinging Hanging Rails Come Standard

  • Door Mounted Hook Rack on the inside of the door.

Swinging Hanging Rails Standard: The rails can easily swing out of the cabinet for easy access to the front as well as the back side. The 53 ft (16m) rail system provides a lot of space for carpets, clothes and gear to hang dry. The swinging hanging rails have an innovative and solid design.

Single Bar Upgrade: A single 4 ft. (1.2m) bar inside the top of the cabinets. This option is a great solution for clothes on hangers and gear that requires more space.

Door Mounted Hook Rack Upgrade: A hook rack can be added to the inside of the door to hang gloves, masks and lighter gear.


  • Programmable microprocessor, 9 programs
  • Gentle drying without friction
  • Indoor lighting
  • Cabinet ships unassembled. Assembly time ~2 hrs
  • Detachable hangers and racks for easier handling
  • Programs end with cool down to room temperature
  • Humidity tracking system (HTS) measures humidity to determine exactly when goods are dry
  • Durable powder coated finish
  • Electrical system standard 208-230V/60/3, 380-440V/50/3, 220-230V/50/3
  • Capacity, up to 32lbs
  • TS-Commercial-Drying-Cabinet-Brochure
  • WetCleaning
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Drying Cabinets for Efficient Hang Drying of Delicate Garments that should not be Tumble Dried. Perfect for Drycleaners, Wetcleaners, Theaters, Ski Resorts, Daycare Centers and more.

B&C drying cabinets offer efficient hang drying for sensitive garments that should not be tumble dried, drying without mechanical action at exactly the right temperature and humidity. Featuring low energy consumption and short drying cycles comparable to standard tumble dryers, the TS cabinets have large internal hanging space with racks that swing out for easy loading and unloading. A built-in sanitization program greatly reduces allergens and bacterial contaminants while manual and automatic programs allow for total flexibility during the drying process. Ease of use features include interior lighting, doors that open 190 degrees, adjustable feet, and a large easy to read control display.

Simple control with our unique patented Humidity Tracking System (HTS) measure the humidity in the cabinet each second and prevents over drying and excessive energy consumption.

Tumble-drying is an efficient drying process but it can prematurely wear the fabric through friction and mechanical action, leading to the addition of a do not tumble dry label on the garment care tag of many items. B&C Technologies drying cabinets are the perfect solution for drying water washed goods requiring this gentle method. Drying the goods without any mechanical action allows for virtually no wear and tear on the fabric while moisture sensing and programmable time & temperatures ensure perfect results. Large internal racks yield maximum capacity and the lighted interior provides ease of use.

Additional information

Weight 466 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 77 × 41.73 in


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