Equipment Choices

36kg/80lb Commercial Laundry Machine Datasheet

The XE36C02 is our largest commercial laundry machine and its 36 kg (80 lb) capacity will help maximize linen life for commercial operations such as hotels and spas.


20kg/45lb Commercial Laundry Machine Datasheet

With a larger capacity of 20 kg (45 lb) the XE20C01 is a step up to a larger machine to help save water and reduce chemical use.


Challenging traditional ideas of laundry.

In order to create a washing machine that would use less water and less energy while still providing a superior clean, we had to forget everything we thought we knew about laundry. We had to go beyond the traditional soap, water, and heat to introduce an entirely new element to the wash process.

Reduce water
consumption for
customers by up to

water 80 percent

Reduce energy
use by up to

energy 50 percent

Introducing the revolutionary XOrb™ technology.

XOrb technology changed everything. When put into the wash, XOrbs absorb stains and provide a gentle mechanical wash action, reducing the need for large volumes of water and extreme temperatures. By replacing most of the water in the wash cycle with XOrbs, we're able to limit water use for our customers by up to 80 percent, and reduce energy use by up to 50 percent.

How do Hydrofinity machines work?

When a wash cycle starts, XOrbs are added from inside the machine's storage area to mix with the fabrics and a small amount of water. The water itself is sprayed in, rather than poured, to improve efficiency – imagine the difference in water usage between a bath and a short shower. The XOrbs gently massage the garments, loosening dirt and stains. XOrbs then expand slightly, creating microscopic cavities that absorb and trap stains, carrying them away from your fabrics in a small amount of cold water.

When the wash cycle is completed, XOrbs automatically return to a holding area inside the machine and are ready to be used again for the next wash.

Be part of the revolution

It's time to change the way you think about laundry. Deliver better results and improve your customers' experience without using wasteful amounts of water and excessive temperatures. A more sustainable and efficient laundry solution is here.

Because linen quality matters.

You put a huge amount of effort into satisfying your guests. You aim for everything to be just right, from check-in through to departure, and laundry is no exception.

Towels, bedding and table linen should be brilliantly clean, fresh-smelling, and in perfect condition for guests to use. We do know that guests rate hotels based partly on the linens in their room.

You therefore need a laundry system that:


Reliably delivers Perfectly Washed Laundry

Reducing the need for both re-washes and linen replacement costs


Is Water-efficient

Reducing utility bills and increasing your sustainability credentials – something increasingly important to travelers


Pampers your textiles

So they feel soft and luxurious for longer, increasing guest satisfaction

Cancun Hotels Save on Utility and Linen Replacement Costs With Xeros (Now Hydrofinity)


Introduce the Hydrofinity System with XOrbTM technology and cut water use by up to 80% - delivering significant cost savings whilst building your reputation as a sustainability-conscious hotel.

The gentle cleaning process delivers superb stain removal results and helps luxury linens look and feel new for longer.

Your team will find the equipment easy to use, and it will reduce the time they currently lose to pre-treating and reclaim cycles.

You will gain access to the exclusive XConnect online portal, which allows you to monitor washer usage, as well as water and energy consumption, in an internet browser on any device.

The technology has not only helped us further our commitment to the environment but provides validation for our green initiatives... the high level of cleaning performance enables us to improve our guests’ comfort with whiter, fresher linens and towels.

- Kevin Kretsch, General Manager at Hyatt Regency in Reston, Virginia

Case Studies

How the XOrbs Work Infographic

A simplified, visual explanation of the technology behind Hydrofinity's revolutionary laundry technology.


Six Hacks to Long Linen Life

These tips will help any hospitality organization stretch a little more life from linens.


Hydrofinity Company Timeline

A quick and easy-to-understand document outlining the history of Hydrofinity and listing key events in chronological order.


Market-Leading Wash Quality

See for yourself how our washing machines give market-leading washing results. Not only will your linens be cleaner, they will also be less creased and faded.


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