PF-1 Small Piece Folder for Towels, Hospital Gown, Garment and Flat Goods 1 Stack



Standard features:

  • Automatic operation
  • Maximum piece size:
    • Width: 60 inches (1500mm)
    • Length: 72 inches (1800 mm)
    • Minimum width: 18.75 inches (476mm)
  • 1, 2 and 3 lateral folds, 1 or 2 crossfold
  • French primary fold
  • 24 volt control
  • PLC control with up to 100 program settings
  • Touch screen panel for easy programming
  • Counters for pieces folded per day, per stacker, per program, lifetime
  • Self diagnostic control displayed in text
  • Parameter back up capability by USB
  • Reversing crossfold belts or air on 1st and 2nd crossfold, knives on lateral folds
  • Manual rejection button
  • Delivery to side or to optional conveyor
  • Electrical system standard: 208-230V/60/3, 440-460V/60/3, 380-415V/50/3
  • PF-Commercial-Folder-Brochure
  • PF-Commercial-Small-Piece-Folder-General-Specifications
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The Professional Folder by B&C Technologies is the optimum in small piece folding technology. It automatically sorts linens based on size, folds them according to the program selected , and optionally places them in one of three separate stacks. Once the proper number of linens are stacked they are transferred to the unloading table or optional conveyor. The Professional Folder can either automatically adjust the width for different sized linens or fold all pieces the same width. This versatile machine not only utilizes a traditional french fold but can also be programmed to use no, one or two crossfolds. Simple to operate, built to last and easy to afford. Item is generally 8-14 weeks out from shipping. Call for accurate lead times.

Additional information

Weight 2800 lbs
Dimensions 133.25 × 53.9 × 71.7 in


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