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SP-135 135lb Soft Mount Commercial Washer 350G Microprocessor Controlled


Will ship out from Factory with in 3-4 months from time of order.

Standard features:

  • All wetted parts are 304 (18/8) stainless steel
  • 1 compartment supply dispenser
  • 30 cycle microprocessor
  • 350G extraction force
  • 5 degree lean back for strength and easier loading
  • Built in vacuum breaker
  • Variable speed inverter drive
  • Wet Cleaning functionality built in – no special options required
  • Designed to save money
  • SP-135-Commercial-Washer-General-Specifications
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Softmount High-Speed Professional Washer-Extractors for Small to Medium Sized Heavy-Duty Laundry Applications, Including Health Care, Hospitality and Correctional Facilities.

The SP Series is Designed to be Effortless and Powerful While Maintaining Low Cost of Ownership:

  • Investment cost returned through increased efficiency
  • Fewer parts means less downtime
  • 350G extraction equals less time in the dryer, yielding tremendous savings
  • Extremely easy installation, no special foundation requirements
  • Can be installed on upper floors and other difficult locations
  • Low maintenance, long lasting, labor saving

Large Door Opening and Safe Door Interlock

  • Opens nearly 180 degrees for easy loading/unloading
  • Door and hinge made of 304 stainless steel
  • Silicon door gasket for extra tight seal and long life
  • Safe, simple, reliable door lock system

The FM7 Advanced Microprocessor Control

  • Easy to use t 30 wash programs
  • Trouble-free
  • 8 chemical signals plus chemical hold
  • Programmable water levels, speeds and more
  • Incredibly flexible – handles demanding operations

Solid Bearing Housing – High Quality Bearings and Seals

  • The ultimate in durable design
  • Cast iron construction
  • Revolutionary CARB bearings for long life
  • Double lip seals and a face seal for extra protection
  • Large leak off area to further protect the bearings from the wash solution

Robust Energy Efficient Inverter Drive

  • Incredibly flexible operation
  • Excellent protection for the motor
  • Latest technology for precise speed control
  • Single motor drive without clutches and complication
  • 350G high speed extract Freestanding Construction

Freestanding design at hardmount pricing

  • Withstands the rigorous demands of continuous operation
  • Tuned suspension system with industrial shock absorbers
  • Easy installation with no special foundation requirements
  • Integrated lifting bars for easy installation, can be moved with a pallet jack Supply Dispenser
  • Automatic flushing according to programming
  • 1 cup standard, 5 cup dispenser optional
  • Convenient height for easy access
  • Impervious to standard laundry chemicals
  • 6 liquid connection points on the rear of the machine


Additional information

Weight 1825 lbs
Dimensions 52 × 63 × 70 in


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