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What Makes Fagor Commercial Washing Machines Awesome?

Being in the hospitality industry would mean that you need to cover all the bases when it comes to quality especially in the cleanliness of your towels, sheets, and linens. That is why you need to invest in great commercial washing machines that get the job done and can last you for years to come even with constant use.

Fagor Industrial has always been a trusted provider of high-quality commercial washing machines that fit the requirements of each business. This guarantees that you are investing in a commercial washing machine with all the features that you need. But what really makes Fagor commercial washing machines awesome?


They are designed for you

Sure, you can pick up any good quality commercial washing machine on the market, but you can’t guarantee that it will meet your business’ specific needs. But with Fagor Industrial, your washing machine will be designed with features that put your comfort and welfare in mind.

For starters, their commercial washing machines come with the largest doors on the market for your utmost convenience in loading and unloading large quantities of sheets, fabrics, clothes, and towels.

The newest Kare generation also features a plinth design, which keeps the loading door at the same height to make using a trolley much easier.

All of Fagor Industrial’s washing machines are also built using the best motors, frequency inverters, bearings, and bearing supports that you’ll find in industrial machines.


They are smart

Fagor Industrial washing machines are not only durable, but they are also smart. The new Touch Plus Control features a full-color 7-inch touch screen where you can choose from 29 pre-set programs according to your needs. It even comes in 37 languages and has a USB port where you can easily create, import, and export new programs with ease.

You can also ensure consistent dosage with 8 standard and 6 extra dosing signals so you won’t need to check on the machines constantly.

If that’s not enough, these washing machines also give you the option to advertise by including information about your rates and times on the washer itself.


They are as efficient as they are sustainable

Fagor Industrial is known for its technological innovations that include full flow-recirculation, which allows you to re-use water from the tub to maximize its use.

You also get to enjoy the washing machine’s optimum load where it can detect any imbalance in the operation so you can correct it and not go through any hassles while the machine is working.

Fagor Industrial commercial washing machines also feature an automatic adjustment system that regulates detergent and water consumption to fit every load. This allows you to enjoy savings on water, energy, and chemical products.

Finally, all Fagor Industrial washing machines boast of the highest G force on the market. This means that you can reduce operational costs and save energy while ensuring consistency in your machine’s performance.

So if you’re still on the market for a good commercial washing machine, make it Fagor Industrial.

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