Why Equipment Cost is Not The Most Important Factor When Buying a New Machine

So Many of us focus on the one thing that is right in front of us when purchasing a new commercial washer. The PRICE! We are forgetting the most important thing when making this ever important decision. Cost of ownership of that machine at 5 years, 10 years and 15 years. New equipment isn’t just going to last for the first 5 years when many large repairs are covered under warranty. You will inevitably have to repair your new machine in its lifetime. So many times we overlook that cost into our decision. So many brands are competitive on initial purchase price of machines. But big names like Unimac and Speed Queen are set to make huge returns on repairs. Cost of parts for these machines has gotten out of control over the last decade. Many parts for the Unimac machines cost two to four times as much as there competitors. For example a Unimac controller is $3704.70, this same part with a B&C or Fagor washer which has the same features or more costs one third the price. No days manufacturers all source similar parts from the few manufacturers out there. So don’t be fooled into purchasing a machine that will charge you two to four times as much for the same part. Call us today to see why we sell the brands we do. Honest and fair pricing upfront and in the future. See the chart below to compare many parts on a Unimac to our Fagor and B&C machines.

Wash IQ





Unimac Part Unimac Price B&C Part B&C Price Fagor Part Fagor Price

Display Board


$3,704.70 370-155 Control, FM7 Display


$1,140.85 12010836 Touchscreen 8.4



F8577201-KIT,DRAIN VALVE 240V 3 RH



$329.05 380-026 VALVE,DRAIN WITH OVERFLOW 24V,50/60HZ 3 INCH



$133.64 12024404 Drain Valve


F8322801P-VALVE, 1/2″ (BRASS 240/60



$173.75 380-071 VALVE,WATER,1-WAY,3/4INCH,24VAC,50/60HZ


$90.60 12025162 Water Valve 230V $39.60




$1,294.95 370-034 Inverter, Delta, 200V, 1phase




$1,018.44 12134048

Inverter Delta

F83220501-Complete Door lock Assembly $223.85 600-108 Complete Door Lock Assembly


$379.51 12119770 Complete Door Lock $263.70
F8335201P Motor 230/460V 5HP $1758.55 220-002 Motor 5HP 12047170 Motor 230V AC 3 50hz 2,20KW $739.38 5HP 12047170 Motor 230V AC 3 50hz 2,20KW



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