For those of you who operate a laundromat and have stainless steel washers and dryers, you know how difficult it can be to scrub away hard water stains and keep the appliances looking clean. It’s not feasible to keep buying new appliances, but you also don’t want your washers and dryers looking dingy when customers come in. Thankfully, cleaning off the detergent and water stains from your appliances is pretty easy as long as you have the right type of cleaner.

For any hard water marks that show up on your stainless steel washers and dryers, you will need water, pure white vinegar and cleaning cloths. Start by dampening and wringing a cloth with vinegar and rubbing the stain with the grain. Add more vinegar to your cloth as needed. After hitting all the stains, soak the cloth in warm water, wring it out and remove the vinegar by wiping it down. Fully dry the stainless steel with a towel.

To help keep hard water stains from appearing right away again, wax each appliance. To save time from having to wax dozens of machines, take notes or pay attention to where water seems to cause the most problems and focus your waxing there.

Check out GE’s video below to learn their tips on cleaning stainless steel. The video covers cleaning a GE stovetop range, but you can apply the same cleaning process to your washers or dryers.

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