Hotels, motels, laundromats and other businesses that rely on commercial washers and dryers have begun taking notice of a company called Wash IQ. Based in California, Wash IQ has been in the washer and dryer service, sales and installation businesses for almost twenty years now, and they have established themselves as one of the most reliable and efficient companies in the commercial appliance industry.

Besides their services, Wash IQ also has one of the best selections of washer and dryer parts in the nation, so no matter the brand or type of commercial washers your business uses, they’ll be able to quickly service or repair your appliance since they more than likely won’t have to order additional parts and then wait for them to come in.

Setting themselves apart from other commercial washer and dryer installation and repair companies, Wash IQ can take care of a business’s needs no matter the system’s brand or model. From lesser known appliance manufacturers to better-known brands that take up a massive portion of the market share, Wash IQ has the parts and will provide servicing for the following brands (and many others not mentioned here):
• Continental
• Dexter
• Electrolux
• Girbau
• Huebsch
• Ipso
• Maytag
• Milnor
• Scotsman
• Speed Queen
• Unimac
• Wascomat

If you are looking for a commercial washer and/or dryer system that can handle your large load or linens or clothes and keep your business running smoothly, Wash IQ can help you choose the right program as well as install the appliances for you.

Their selection of on-hand parts is practically unbeatable. Since they have so many pieces for both washers and dryers available at any given moment, Wash IQ has become one of the most efficient and quickest companies to work with in this industry. By keeping so well stocked, their professional washer and dryer technicians don’t need to place special orders or hunt down parts and leave a customer waiting for the delivery to come in.

This means your business will have much less downtime when appliance issues arise, and your customers and guests can maintain an uninterrupted pleasant stress-free experience whether they’re washing their own clothes, staying in a room for a couple nights or for anything else they might need access to washers or dryers.

With decades of experience between the repair and installation technicians at Wash IQ, you will also be able to rest easy knowing your system will be in superior working order. Other than fixing issues, they can also work with you to maintain the appliances to ensure they operate as well as possible for far beyond their usual “lifespan.”

Concerning commercial washer and dryer services companies, you are not going to find a better one with as complete a selection of washer and dryer parts already available as Wash IQ. If you’ve already noticed a decline in the performance of one or a few of your machines, or want to learn more about upgrading your appliances, get in touch with Wash IQ by sending them a message online or take a look at their great selection of crossovers, washers, dryers, industrial ironers and barrier washers.

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