There are many things that new business owners find themselves scratching their heads over when getting a new operation up and running, and this is particularly true when looking into getting appliances suitable for industry use. Usually it’s new restaurant owners looking at the most efficient commercial cooking appliances, which is why those who need a commercial washer and dryer system (opposed to ovens and stoves) may be left with more questions than answers when looking through options. Simply put, commercial laundry isn’t as popular a topic as food preparation, but that means there is plenty of opportunity to corner the niche. And, if you know who to go to, buying and having a laundry system installed isn’t a difficult or confusing process at all.

With Wash IQ available for help, companies have access to one of the best and most knowledgeable teams in the commercial laundry industry. One of the things that sets Wash IQ apart from other laundry system retailers is that they also do full design, installation and repairs for commercial washer systems, making them a truly turn-key organization to work with. They take immense pride in their incredibly valuable insight and are constantly reading up and looking for ways to stay on top of industry technology and trends.

As soon as you realize you need to implement a commercial laundry system into your business, contact Wash IQ for a FREE consultation and they’ll speak with you to help you determine the best machines and system for both your needs and budget. With the specifications of what you intend to purchase in mind, they will then help you design the area where your laundry system will be installed and go over plans with you in detail. Should you require any changes, they will accommodate and further consult as necessary.

After finalizing the type (and therefore size) of the appliances and creating a floorplan for the installation location, Wash IQ will then deliver and carefully install the washers and dryers, making sure everything is up and running properly.

Once everything is good to go, your business can take advantage of the new system knowing Wash IQ remains on-call should any issues come about. Their technicians are some of the best in the industry and they specialize in finding and fixing problems in situations where other repair companies would suggest you just buy a new system. Furthermore, their ability to deliver project completion on time is extraordinary in an industry plagued with delays, upsells and overcharging. It’s reasons like these that Wash IQ is a favorite service provider for many of the laundromat and hotelier clients who have had the pleasure to work with them.

When you find it’s time to get a commercial washer and dryer installed in your place of business, get in touch with Wash IQ right away for a full consultation. Whether you have some questions you need answers, are ready to go with a new system installation or need an older system repaired, Wash IQ can help your business run smoothly. Give them a call now at (844) 4WASHIQ for a FREE laundry room analysis or request a consultation and find out how they can save you time and money.


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