Almost without fail, at some point during the installation process, our customers will ask us about the quality of the replacement parts we’re using to repair their commercial washer. The funny thing though, is that these questions usually happen on site at the time of installation, rather beforehand during initial conversations (either via emails or phone calls).

While this isn’t really an issue for our customers, since all Wash IQ laundry repair technicians use only the highest quality and most energy efficient laundry parts available (which most often means using the original equipment manufacturer, or OEM, parts), other businesses should be wary. Anyone who relies on commercial laundry systems for their business should always make it a point to ask their current or prospective commercial laundry installation or repair company about the replacement parts that are being used.

There’s a large risk in not knowing whether your repair service is trying to cut their own costs by installing inferior equipment, and there should be no shame or hesitation in making a quick call or shooting an email to find out what will be used. At Wash IQ, we pride ourselves in our honesty and integrity in building long standing relationships through providing excellent service. That being said, we welcome the opportunity to answer any of your questions – whether it’s in advance, or while we’re on-site. Give us a call at (844) 4WASHIQ and find out for yourself the importance of using high-quality OEM products.

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