Whether you’re moving, opening a new location or have a few too many machines that keep breaking down no matter how many repairs are done sometimes your commercial washer or dryer just needs to be replaced. The question then becomes, should you buy a brand-new machine, or go with a used one. If you’re simply switching locations, wouldn’t it be more cost effective to just bring your current machines with you?

How do you know when it’s time to purchase a new system? Truth is, sometimes new really is better. Here are five advantages of buying a new system in place of lugging around your old machines or continually repairing them:

  1. New machines are more energy efficient. While it may be quite a large up-front cost to completely replace a whole system, the amount you’ll save in running energy-efficient equipment (instead of older models) will pay for the new equipment soon enough. Not only will you save on your energy bill, but also on your water bill, since many new commercial washer machines tend to use less water to get the job done as well.
  2. New machines can potentially mean more profit. Aside from saving you money down the line, some new commercial washers and dryers can actually help you make additional money. You’ll find that some include built-in upcharge features. These allow you to charge more for loads that use hot water or longer cycles. You can talk to your representative at Wash IQ for more information on these kinds of features.
  3. Looks matter. As superficial as it may sound, newer equipment just looks better. If you’re moving locations, want to open a new location or just want to bring in new customers – attractive machinery will attract people. New machines are often bigger – or at least have bigger doors – and have a better curb appeal. Even if you do your best to keep your current machines running smoothly and clean them out regularly, there’s something about new washers and dryers that can’t be imitated.
  4. It’s less stressful to do it all in one go. Instead of replacing units one by one and keeping track of what needs repairs when, it’s actually less stress to gut the entire system and start from scratch. Plus, sometimes it’s easier to get financing when you have a plan that includes a whole system, instead of taking out micro-loans for individual costly repairs or replacements as they come up.
  5. New equipment will last longer. If you’re planning on staying in business for a while (and we’re betting you are) it’s important to invest in equipment that will be around for the long haul. Even if you’ve kept your current laundry equipment in the best shape, if it’s already been running for 10 years, it’s probably going to last at least 10 years less than what a new system will.

If you think it’s time to invest in a new commercial washer and dryer system or have a few questions in regards to the best options, give Wash IQ a call at (844) 4WASHIQ and we’ll give you a FREE estimate and work with you on creating the best plan for your business and budget.

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