Almost without fail, at some point during the installation process, our customers will ask us about the quality of the replacement parts we’re using to repair their commercial washer. The funny thing though, is that these questions usually happen on site at the time of installation, rather beforehand during initial conversations (either via emails or phone calls).

While this isn’t really an issue for our customers, since all Wash IQ laundry repair technicians use only the highest quality and most energy efficient laundry parts available (which most often means using the original equipment manufacturer, or OEM, parts), other businesses should be wary. Anyone who relies on commercial laundry systems for their business should always make it a point to ask their current or prospective commercial laundry installation or repair company about the replacement parts that are being used.

There’s a large risk in not knowing whether your repair service is trying to cut their own costs by installing inferior equipment, and there should be no shame or hesitation in making a quick call or shooting an email to find out what will be used. At Wash IQ, we pride ourselves in our honesty and integrity in building long standing relationships through providing excellent service. That being said, we welcome the opportunity to answer any of your questions – whether it’s in advance, or while we’re on-site. Give us a call at (844) 4WASHIQ and find out for yourself the importance of using high-quality OEM products.


With just about any business you might be thinking about opening, one of the first and most important things to figure out is how much you are going to charge your potential customers once you hit the market. While the US government actually has restrictions on discussing exact pricing details for pick-up and delivery of high-volume laundry, we can talk about the things you should be taking into account before you come up with the price you want to set for your services.

Luckily, Wash IQ can help you design a system that will help you use your resources most effectively and can even help you create a pricing plan. Before you get started, consider all these potential cost and pricing aspects for your laundromat business:

Rental Prices or Cost of Goods

Whether you plan owning or renting the commercial washer and dryer machines, the cost of either action will weigh heavily into how much you charge your customers. Since your commercial washers and dryers are going to be the backbone of the laundry services you provide, you will also need to take into account how much you’re paying toward maintenance.

With rental and COG prices, there isn’t a set-in-stone standard since the price range of used and new machines can vary wildly. Not only that, but you will also need to take into account the kind of volume that you are planning to accommodate as this will determine how many machines you will need. Additionally, don’t forget to add in the costs of owning and operating the vehicles needed to transport the laundry itself (if that’s a service you want to provide).

Cost of Labor

With a pick-up and delivery laundry service, you will need at least a handful of personnel to for driving and other various aspects of the job. These are the people who will do most of the physical work for you and includes jobs like picking up and dropping off laundry, operating the washers and dryers, and folding and storing the various linens for transport. Depending on where you live, the minimum wage can range from $7.25 to around $13 per hour, so you will need to adjust your prices accordingly.

Real Estate

The space to run your business isn’t going to come free, so however much you end up paying for the in rent also needs to be figured in to your operating costs.

Coverage Area

If you end up receiving contracts for businesses, hospitals or other facilities that are far from where you operate, the cost of gas will start to play heavily into how much it costs to stay in business. That being the case, you may have to adjust your per-pound pricing or agreed-upon minimum volume of laundry to stay competitive. Gas prices have been known to fluctuate, while they have decreased recently, that won’t always be the case, so plan accordingly.

Your Acceptable Income

Finally, to determine how much you will charge your customers for laundry service, you need to figure out how much you will accept as a payment for yourself. If the laundry is your sole source of income, you may have to start slow and do much of the work yourself just to make sure you’re getting a fair income. However, if you own multiple businesses already, this gives you a bit of an advantage in that you can keep your personal income from the business low while establishing a customer base.

With these in mind, you’re one step closer to opening your laundry business. For more information on commercial laundry systems, repairs or maintenance, or to receive a FREE quote, contact Wash IQ by calling (844) 4WASHIQ


Although they themselves are made to get other things clean, commercial washers should still get a thorough cleaning on a regular basis to help make sure they remain operational for as long as possible. Cleaning your commercial washers and dryers every month – or every week if your business has a high volume of laundry – will also mean being more aware of the appliances and issues that may need to be addressed. For example, the hoses that connect the hot and cold water need to be replaced every three to five years for a washer in a residential property. However, in a business environment, chances are pretty good that the hoses will wear down much quicker, by sticking to a cleaning schedule, you’ll regularly be inspecting the appliances and will be able to note when things are no longer looking pristine.

There are a handful of specific things you are going to want to do when cleaning the inside of your washing machine. Still, even with the list of tasks to complete to get that washer spick and span, the steps are pretty simple and won’t take up much of your time.

1. Wipe down the lid – Using a damp sponge, clean the washer’s lid to remove any excess buildup, spilled detergent or hard water stains. If you can’t see any of these, you should still wipe down the top and underside of the lid.

2. Empty and clean the lint trap – Remove the lint trap from your washer and clean it out with running water from a sink. If your washer doesn’t have a lint trap, skip this step.

3. Clean out soap, fabric softener and bleach cups – To clarify, these are where you pour the laundry detergent, bleach or fabric softener when washing your clothes. You may be able to remove these dispensers from your washer before cleaning it. If you can’t remove the cups to wash them easily in your sink, just remove any buildup by using cotton swabs or pipe cleaners. If the cups are not removable, you should consider cleaning them out by wiping them after every wash to keep them free from dirt and buildup.

4. Fight saturated odors, mold and buildup – Put the settings on your washer so the water will get as hot as possible. Turn it on and let the water start to fill the washer. When the water level fills up about a quarter of the washer, add two cups of white vinegar directly into the water. Doing this will help break down months of soap buildup, get rid of odors and kill mold.

5. (Optional) Clean hard water deposits – If the water running to the commercial washer is particularly hard, you’ll have to run the wash an additional time without clothes in it. However, instead of two cups of white vinegar, use a full gallon. The vinegar works to dissolve the buildup left behind by hard water, which will, in turn, allow the washer to drain more efficiently between cycles.

After running an empty wash with white vinegar, your washing machine should be near as clean as the day you got it.

To learn more about commercial laundry systems, or to schedule maintenance. Wash IQ today for a FREE laundry room analysis or give them a call toll free, at (844) 4WASHIQ, and they’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.


For those of you who operate a laundromat and have stainless steel washers and dryers, you know how difficult it can be to scrub away hard water stains and keep the appliances looking clean. It’s not feasible to keep buying new appliances, but you also don’t want your washers and dryers looking dingy when customers come in. Thankfully, cleaning off the detergent and water stains from your appliances is pretty easy as long as you have the right type of cleaner.

For any hard water marks that show up on your stainless steel washers and dryers, you will need water, pure white vinegar and cleaning cloths. Start by dampening and wringing a cloth with vinegar and rubbing the stain with the grain. Add more vinegar to your cloth as needed. After hitting all the stains, soak the cloth in warm water, wring it out and remove the vinegar by wiping it down. Fully dry the stainless steel with a towel.

To help keep hard water stains from appearing right away again, wax each appliance. To save time from having to wax dozens of machines, take notes or pay attention to where water seems to cause the most problems and focus your waxing there.

Check out GE’s video below to learn their tips on cleaning stainless steel. The video covers cleaning a GE stovetop range, but you can apply the same cleaning process to your washers or dryers.

If you’re looking to create a new system, or have bigger issues than stains with your current laundry system, call Wash IQ toll free at (844) 4WASHIQ


Though a laundromat could be considered complete with just a few rows of coin-operated washers and dryers, there are still quite a few services that your business can offer to keep your customers coming back week after week. Consider one (or a few, or all) of these five additional services to help your laundromat stand apart from the competition.

Dry Cleaning

A staple in the laundry industry, dry cleaning is a stellar service to offer if you operate a laundromat. By providing dry cleaning service alongside your standard laundromat offerings, your business will be seen as a much more full-service company as you will technically be able to offer all types of clothes and linens cleaning.

Fluff & Fold

Fluff and fold laundry service is fairly common at laundromats that have an on-site staff present during normal business hours. This service is beneficial for a number of reasons, including keeping the laundromat less crowded and more comfortable for self-service customers, being able to earn more per load, and facing less risk for washer and dryer machine issues from user error.

Laundry Pickup & Delivery

A very popular service for laundromats that offer it, you offer a pickup and delivery service for customers. As you probably figure though, offering laundry pickup will mean that you offer fluff and fold service as well.
Although picking up and delivering your customers’ laundry might sound like a troublesome service to add, it can be viewed as a premium service (and you can therefore charge a premium price). If you don’t have the manpower to keep up with deliveries, consider hiring a third-party company to carry out actual deliveries.

Vending Machines

If a customer has more than a load or two to do in your laundromat, he or she is going to end up spending a good chunk of the day washing, drying and sorting clothes. Chances are good that he or she will get hungry at some point, and a vending machine with a few salty or sweet snacks, or one filled with cold beverages will end up receiving a lot of business. In fact, with the instant turnaround time, a pair of vending machines can end up making more money than a single coin-operated washer and dryer combo on busy days.

Kids’ Corner

People visiting a coin-operated laundromat often have to bring their children along. As you know, children can get noisy and rambunctious when they don’t have something to hold their attention. While this isn’t a problem by itself, kids running around through the laundromat can be a real nuisance to other patrons. While this could be an issue at any laundromat, you can alleviate some of that frustration by providing a small section for kids to play. This could just be as simple as a small corner with a few toys and possibly a TV with cartoons playing. Not only does it keep childless customers from getting annoyed, but it also helps parents get their laundry chores done quickly without interruption.

Want to work any of these systems into your current laundromat, or looking to start new altogether? Give Wash IQ a toll free call at (844) 4WASHIQ to set up a FREE consultation.


There are many things that new business owners find themselves scratching their heads over when getting a new operation up and running, and this is particularly true when looking into getting appliances suitable for industry use. Usually it’s new restaurant owners looking at the most efficient commercial cooking appliances, which is why those who need a commercial washer and dryer system (opposed to ovens and stoves) may be left with more questions than answers when looking through options. Simply put, commercial laundry isn’t as popular a topic as food preparation, but that means there is plenty of opportunity to corner the niche. And, if you know who to go to, buying and having a laundry system installed isn’t a difficult or confusing process at all.

With Wash IQ available for help, companies have access to one of the best and most knowledgeable teams in the commercial laundry industry. One of the things that sets Wash IQ apart from other laundry system retailers is that they also do full design, installation and repairs for commercial washer systems, making them a truly turn-key organization to work with. They take immense pride in their incredibly valuable insight and are constantly reading up and looking for ways to stay on top of industry technology and trends.

As soon as you realize you need to implement a commercial laundry system into your business, contact Wash IQ for a FREE consultation and they’ll speak with you to help you determine the best machines and system for both your needs and budget. With the specifications of what you intend to purchase in mind, they will then help you design the area where your laundry system will be installed and go over plans with you in detail. Should you require any changes, they will accommodate and further consult as necessary.

After finalizing the type (and therefore size) of the appliances and creating a floorplan for the installation location, Wash IQ will then deliver and carefully install the washers and dryers, making sure everything is up and running properly.

Once everything is good to go, your business can take advantage of the new system knowing Wash IQ remains on-call should any issues come about. Their technicians are some of the best in the industry and they specialize in finding and fixing problems in situations where other repair companies would suggest you just buy a new system. Furthermore, their ability to deliver project completion on time is extraordinary in an industry plagued with delays, upsells and overcharging. It’s reasons like these that Wash IQ is a favorite service provider for many of the laundromat and hotelier clients who have had the pleasure to work with them.

When you find it’s time to get a commercial washer and dryer installed in your place of business, get in touch with Wash IQ right away for a full consultation. Whether you have some questions you need answers, are ready to go with a new system installation or need an older system repaired, Wash IQ can help your business run smoothly. Give them a call now at (844) 4WASHIQ for a FREE laundry room analysis or request a consultation and find out how they can save you time and money.


Hotels, motels, laundromats and other businesses that rely on commercial washers and dryers have begun taking notice of a company called Wash IQ. Based in California, Wash IQ has been in the washer and dryer service, sales and installation businesses for almost twenty years now, and they have established themselves as one of the most reliable and efficient companies in the commercial appliance industry.

Besides their services, Wash IQ also has one of the best selections of washer and dryer parts in the nation, so no matter the brand or type of commercial washers your business uses, they’ll be able to quickly service or repair your appliance since they more than likely won’t have to order additional parts and then wait for them to come in.

Setting themselves apart from other commercial washer and dryer installation and repair companies, Wash IQ can take care of a business’s needs no matter the system’s brand or model. From lesser known appliance manufacturers to better-known brands that take up a massive portion of the market share, Wash IQ has the parts and will provide servicing for the following brands (and many others not mentioned here):
• Continental
• Dexter
• Electrolux
• Girbau
• Huebsch
• Ipso
• Maytag
• Milnor
• Scotsman
• Speed Queen
• Unimac
• Wascomat

If you are looking for a commercial washer and/or dryer system that can handle your large load or linens or clothes and keep your business running smoothly, Wash IQ can help you choose the right program as well as install the appliances for you.

Their selection of on-hand parts is practically unbeatable. Since they have so many pieces for both washers and dryers available at any given moment, Wash IQ has become one of the most efficient and quickest companies to work with in this industry. By keeping so well stocked, their professional washer and dryer technicians don’t need to place special orders or hunt down parts and leave a customer waiting for the delivery to come in.

This means your business will have much less downtime when appliance issues arise, and your customers and guests can maintain an uninterrupted pleasant stress-free experience whether they’re washing their own clothes, staying in a room for a couple nights or for anything else they might need access to washers or dryers.

With decades of experience between the repair and installation technicians at Wash IQ, you will also be able to rest easy knowing your system will be in superior working order. Other than fixing issues, they can also work with you to maintain the appliances to ensure they operate as well as possible for far beyond their usual “lifespan.”

Concerning commercial washer and dryer services companies, you are not going to find a better one with as complete a selection of washer and dryer parts already available as Wash IQ. If you’ve already noticed a decline in the performance of one or a few of your machines, or want to learn more about upgrading your appliances, get in touch with Wash IQ by sending them a message online or take a look at their great selection of crossovers, washers, dryers, industrial ironers and barrier washers.


Those who rely on a commercial washer system understand the importance of the life of a washer. It’s just not practical nor cost effective to have to replace a commercial washer every two years or so. There can be significant downtime between the time a washer crashes and a new one is installed, especially if you consider all the research involved in choosing an even better, longer-lasting commercial washer system.

When a washer isn’t working properly, a company can potentially experience a serious loss in revenue and or customer satisfaction, depending on the industry. Because of this, it is extremely important to extend the life of each washer to keep it running as long as possible for the highest rates of both net income and return on investment.

First and foremost, if a business is going to require the use of a commercial washer – especially if it’s going to play a paramount role in the company – a high quality one should be purchased and professionally installed right from the start. Something from a more well-known and reputable brand will obviously be most likely to fit a company’s long-term needs. Brands we tend to work with and recommend include Maytag, Speed Queen, Wascomat, Milnor, Dexter, Unimac and quite a few others. In some cases, new business owners may feel lost when it comes to choosing the best fit, which is why, above all else, we advise they take their time to do their due diligence in determining the company’s needs and learning more about the laundry industry as a whole.

From there, proper maintenance should keep the appliance in top working order. You can’t rely simply on the fact that the machine is running as an indicator that everything is functioning properly – commercial washers tend to take quite the beating after all. Although most commercial washers will still run for a long while even after you start hearing noises or notice their spinning has become a bit irregular, sometimes though, those “symptoms” serve as an immediate warning sign, as the washer could even break down in the middle of a cycle. That being the case, the instant a washer starts behaving erratically, a professional technician should be called in to address the issue immediately – the cost spent on bringing in a repairperson to remedy the situation or replacing a laundry part will be exponentially less than needing to purchase an entire new washer or even system.

Besides choosing a high-quality washer and giving it routine check-ups, there are further actions business owners can take to extend the life of their commercial washers. First, make sure any replacement parts that are installed are from the original equipment manufacturer, even if the individual pieces cost more dollars than off-brand ones, remember you’re paying for quality. Additionally, staff should be trained properly on the use of the machines, load limits should always be respected and cycles should be allowed to run to completion since a large part of a washer’s cycle is to remove most of the water and detergent, both of which can be corrosive to the machine over time.

If you find the whole process of finding the perfect washer to be overwhelming, Wash IQ can help you design a laundry system that best fits your needs, including workload and budget. 


If you own an Unimac commercial washer in California, chances are pretty good that you have had to look for service at some point to have the machine repaired. Unimac washers are actually one of the highest maintenance intense available on the market. Owners should understand that small problems with the machine can quickly become huge problems for a business, which is honestly the case for all commercial washing machine brands. With so many moving parts and functioning regularly under a heavy workload of liquids and fabrics, commercial washers are probably the hardest working appliances a business will come to rely on. Still, whether you have a commercial washer from Unimac that’s making insane noises or it’s completely stopped working altogether and your business operates in California, Wash IQ can help you get your commercial washing machine up and running as quickly as possible. Considering the fact that if you even own a commercial washer, there’s probably a high possibility your business losing money by not having access to the high-powered cleaning machine and all the clean clothes, towels or other linens it usually provides. Luckily, there are a number of companies dedicated to keeping machines like Unimac commercial washers running, though they may be a little difficult to find the moment that you need one. Wash IQ is the company you should keep on your rolodex or cell phone for such emergencies as a caput washer or dryer. Wash IQ, which fixes Unimac machines as well as those of other brands, is a California, Nevada and Arizona commercial washer and dryer servicing and installation company that delivers high on customer satisfaction. Along with commercial washer and dryer fixing, they also sell individual parts for brands like Dexter, Maytag, Unimac, Huebsch, Milnor, B&C, Fagor, Continental, Speed Queen,  and many more. Although some businesses may simply need a repair on a single washer or drying, others may be a bit overwhelmed by the percentages of repairs needed. For people who fall into the latter company, a complete system overhaul may be the best long-term plan for keeping the business running cost effectively. Besides repair work, Wash IQ is also well-versed in designing state-of-the art, cost-effective laundry systems for commercial businesses. Whether a business needs a quick repair or wants to dive into a system overhaul, it’s best for them to do the research to find a reputable company. Many business owners will actually make the mistake of going straight to the manufacturer. However, by going this route, those who rely on a commercial washer end up paying a premium for service that dedicated repair services can honestly offer at a much more affordable price and in a much timelier manner. If you are a business owner who relies on a commercial washer system, it is imperative that you find a good repair service that is efficient and will not break the company’s budget. Wash IQ is available for consultations and to answer any questions about repair work or innovative systems, Call 1(844)492-7447 to get started today.


If there is one thing most business owners would agree on over anything else, it is that lowering operating costs is one of the most important things they can do. When it comes to businesses that rely on commercial washers and dryers, this can seem like a tricky endeavor, but that doesn’t mean it is an impossible undertaking. Although it may seem counterintuitive at first glance, one of the best ways for these companies to save money is to have their commercial laundry units inspected and repaired on a fairly regular basis.

Some business owners find this to be a difficult idea to adhere to. You can’t save money by spending money, right? Why hire a repair person to simply check up on commercial laundry units when there doesn’t appear to be any issues? The truth though is that regularly-maintained machines have a lifespan that far exceeds that of laundry units which are left unattended for long periods of time or that are only inspected after strange noises or odd rumblings.

With so many moving parts, even something seen as a “minor hiccup” can quickly become a devastating problem for a business owner who relies on the heavy-duty machine. Leaving a machine unattended for too long gives time for a minor issue to turn into a bigger one, which can result in the business owner needing to completely replace a unit or even an entire system – costing way more money than bringing a technician in for service. On the other hand, a skilled commercial washer and dryer technician will notice even minor issues and can quickly have it remedied (often during the same visit since smaller problems don’t usually require specialized parts or too much time).

By having a commercial laundry maintenance and repair person visit on a monthly or bimonthly schedule, business owners can actually end up saving money in the long run. This might sound like a head-scratcher, but a couple hours of labor every couple months is notably less expensive than a whole new laundry system every year or two.

Think of the maintenance in terms of auto insurance. You may think it’s pointless to have since you believe yourself to be an outstanding driver, but all it takes is one collision or to be pulled over just once for a traffic violations, and your lack of insurance could end up costing huge amounts of money even if the accident or infraction was no fault of your own. The exact same can be said about commercial laundry systems – a negligent employee, overzealous customer or some random mechanical or electrical issue could lead to a costly problem. Routine maintenance of your systems is the insurance that they will, for the most part, stay in working order without any pricey ramifications.

As with most things, there is no perfect solution that will stop all the problems that might afflict a washer or dryer. However, preventative maintenance from repair companies that use quality commercial laundry parts will keep those small problems from becoming painful expenses. If you think it may be time for your system to receive a check up, give Wash IQ a call at (844)492-7447